Scientific Name:
Persea americana
Flower Color:
landscapes, shade tree, orchards, landscapes

Geographical Distribution

Avocado distribution - United States


Persea americana

9/ 10
Persea americana also known as the avocado tree, is a large dark green evergreen tree with a low-branching open canopy. It is often grown for the production of pear-shaped avocado fruits, which are edible to humans, and found in most grocery stores around the world. Each tree produces between 100 - 500 fruits per year. There are several different species of avocado trees which can be tall and upright or low and spreading. They blossom small greenish-yellow flowers that grow where the leaves join the branch.

Toxic components
All parts of P. americana, including the fruit, are toxic to poultry. The fruits and tree contain up to 69% oleic-acid, palmitic-acid, and persenone.